LSX 454 Short Block



ATK High Performance is now offering a complete line of LS Short Blocks! This LSX 454 BIG INCH SMALL BLOCK is built to handle 1000+HP! Availible in both 24 & 58 tooth reluctor wheels. With the new GM LSX Block and Forged internals, you cant go wrong when building a Turbo, Nitrous or N/A engine! Other compression ratios/combinations availible, call for mre info.

Series: Street Performer
Engine Type: GM LSX Engine
Displacement ( 454CI
Stroke: 4.125"
Crankshaft: 4340 Forged
Rods: 4340 H-Beam 6.125"
Pistons: Forged
Piston Description: Flat, Dish or Dome
Rings: Chrome Molly
Warranty: 90 days

Chamber Volume
Compression Ratio
64cc Call
68cc Call
70cc Call



  Features and benefits
  GM LSX Block
  Forged Internals
  Capable of 1000+HP!
  Big Inch Small Block
 Internally Balanced




Price: $5,999.00



Part #: SP29






Applications not Verified
Not Legal for Pollution Controlled Vehicles
Computer controlled Vehicles may need updated chips
See Warranty Details for Complete Terms and conditions