Ford 351W Crate Engine 300 HP



Repower that truck with a 351W Lightning style engine. We included a roller camshaft for more performance 300 HP will change the way that old ride feels.

If you are a licensed installer call for special pricing

Stage: 1
HP: 300
Engine Type: FORD Small Block V8
Displacement ( 351W
Block: Roller Style
Bore / Stoke: 4.030 X 3.500
Crankshaft: OE 1 Piece seal 28oz Bal.
Rods: OE
Pistons: Hypereutectic
Rings: Moly

Camshaft Type: HYD. Roller
Camshaft Lift: .498 IN X .498 EX
Camshaft Duration @.50: 219 IN X 219 EX
Cylinder Head Type: OE Cast Iron
Chamber Size: OE
Valve Size: 1.77 IN X 1.46 EX
Intake Runner Volume: OE
Compression Ratio: 9.3:1
Rocker Arm Type: Stamped Steel
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.6:1
Sheet Metal: Chrome V/C T/C Black O/P
Recommended Fuel: 93 Octane
Ignition Timing: 30 Degrees Total Advance
Max RPM: 5800
Warranty: 24/Unlimited
Dyno Proven: YES


  Features and benefits
  Roller Cam
  Hypereutectic Pistons
  Dyno Proven
  High Quality Parts
  Torque Plate Honed




Price: $2,999.00



Part #: HP09






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Not Legal for Pollution Controlled Vehicles
Computer controlled Vehicles may need updated chips
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